About Ursa


Today’s streaming services offer access to every song ever recorded at the click of a button, which has changed the way we listen, but in choosing to focus almost entirely on playlists and recommendations, music has become more about discovery algorithms and less about the artists that make it. Not anymore.

Introducing Ursa: the only music streaming platform where artists can post content directly alongside their songs and albums, including photos, videos, additional artwork, lyrics, and liner notes. Ursa also brings the global network of industry professionals to the forefront with linkable credits (patent pending), offering an exciting new approach to music discovery. Ursa’s mission to frame artists at the center of the streaming experience gives fans an opportunity to go deeper with the artists they love as they’re listening, and redefines what makes a great music streaming platform: not only a place we go to listen, but a community for engagement.

Chris Jones

Chad Royce

Ursa was founded by artists and musicians Chris Jones (singer/songwriter – stage name Chris Grace) and Chad Royce (drummer – Swimmer, Leona Naess, Darediablo, producer/songwriter – Meshell Ndegeocello, Girls Generation, Hot Chelle Rae, Big Time Rush, JTX, and Ricky Smith). Having come up in the New York music scene of the late 90’s and beyond, both Chris and Chad have performed on countless stages throughout the world and have recorded a multitude of albums and songs as side men, as producers, as songwriters, and as artists. This authentic insider perspective has shaped Ursa into a music platform uniquely aware of the challenges artists and professionals face in today’s digital music landscape.